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Meal  Deal  Dishes

Uptown Farmers Market




  • Innovative

    We Convert High Carb Dishes into Delicious Keto Friendly Meals.

  • Quality

    We use Avocado Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt and Monk Fruit Sweetener

  • Native

    We Are a Locally Owned Business and We Use Locally Produced Ingredients.

  • We Become Better With Your Suggestions. We'd Love to Hear From You.

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Our mission is to give life back to people who want to adhere to a Keto diet. Maintaining a strict, low carb diet can be challenging when you don't have the time, patience or skills to prepare your own meals. Get back to the things you love and we will take care of the cooking.


Kimo I.

ALL of it was absolutely amazing. My favorite was the Stuffed Mushrooms – they were better than any Stuffed Mushrooms I’ve had anywhere! Followed by the spicy shrimp –not too hot or mild, but perfect. You are definitely a talented chef.

Jordan H.

The Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers were soooo good! A lot of spice and even more flavor. I couldn't stop myself from eating a few of them. I don't really follow a Keto lifestyle but I might have to switch after trying these. I am beyond excited to try other food options from Chef Keto On The Go!

Jamie W.

I have to say, the Zucchini Lasagna was exceptional! Especially being that this dish is usually a guilty pleasure, you can enjoy and have no guilt at all! The Zucchini was prepared in way that it had a slight crunch and the taste was just like the classic Carb Noodle Lasagna.

Tony O.

The Stuffed Zucchini was very tasteful! My fiance and I had it as a snack before dinner and it was a good appetizer. The turkey bacon bits really added a nice crunch to it. Keep up the good work!


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