Meal Deal Dishes
Meal Deal Dishes

Braised Chicken & Seasoned Cauliflower Rice

Meal Deal Dishes
Meal Deal Dishes

Beef Stew & Radishes

Meal Deal Dishes
Meal Deal Dishes

Taco Stuffed Bell Pepper

Meal Deal Dishes
Meal Deal Dishes

Braised Chicken & Seasoned Cauliflower Rice


Our mission is to give life back to people who want to adhere to a Keto diet. Maintaining a strict, low carb diet can be challenging when you don't have the time, patience or skills to prepare your own meals. Get back to the things you love and we will take care of the cooking.

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Nathan P.  (Google)

I got this food at [Uptown] Farmers Market and... this is the best food I have had that is keto!!!! This is my new Saturday place to eat breakfast!!

Jennie V.  (Google)

I’ve been ordering [weekly] meals for several months now and am thrilled to have this service available.

There is a nice variety of meals to choose from and everything I’ve tried has been delicious and well prepared with healthy ingredients.

The sauces and seasonings take these meals to the next level!

Ann F.  (Yelp)

The food is amazing!

I loved every single dish I had the 1st week trying with Chef Keto On The Go. The order process was easy and once [ordered], she called me and confirmed a few details. Then my meals were [delivered as] promised!

I definitely recommend it!!

Anya C.  (Yelp)

These meals are phenomenal!

It is beyond my understanding how the food stays so fresh and flavorful throughout the week.

The flavor and quality is high end! As I'm switching to less carbs, my mind is blown how the Shepard's Pie or the Carne Asada fries for example... taste if not better than what I remember as non-keto! I'm obsessed.

Many compliments to the Chef!